Much of my photography blends together three significant, but entirely unrelated, influences on my life: my mom, one of my middle school teachers and my love of knitting.

From my mom I inherited a quirky, slightly off-kilter view of the world. She's a constant pun-maker, and always appreciates the off-beat and the funny. She taught me to swim upstream, and to try to have fun doing so. I still often roll my eyes or groan when she makes a corny joke, but I've also realized that when she's not around I make the same corny jokes. Her knack for the whimsical is part of my DNA, and it often shows up in my photos.

My eighth-grade social studies teacher took that inherent ability to appreciate the unique, and helped mold a sharp observer.  He gave us regular but unscheduled observation quizzes, testing how well we paid attention to the objects in his classroom. I didn't always do well on those quizzes, but even at 14 I thought it was a brilliant idea. I credit Mr. Rosaschi with training me to look closely at the world around me and to understand that often the tiniest details have the richest stories.

Finally, as an adult I picked up knitting. It began as something to do to pass the long, cold winter nights at the New England farm where I volunteered after high school. It became a passion. And it has helped me see textures and patterns everywhere I look.

I wouldn't be who I am today without these three influences in my life. They have enriched me and my photography. I hope you enjoy the results in the pictures on these pages.

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